God is Love

There are so many different beliefs about god, most of them fear based.

Many spiritual people are very hard towards themselves and others, because they still believe themselves to not be worthy or because they feel like their existence here means that they must be sinners.

They hate the material world. because they don’t see how spiitual it actually is. They hate their individuality, because they don’t see the gift that this means.

Is it really so much more appealing to become nothing, than to eternally enjoy varieties of beauty, joy and loving exchange?

When something bad happens, people think that god has punished them but the god that I know is actually the one cheering you up and encouraging you. God is the one who wants you to be happy. Never forget that.

God is not some selfish demon who just waits for you to make a mistake, so that he can punish you. God is not interested in you being his slave eighter. God has a plan, but this plan is so beautiful for everyone involed that you never have to worry about missing something.

You cannot realize this by mental speculation or through scriptures, you have to listen to your heart for this. Your heart and god’s heart are never separate and both are in a constant loving exchange with each other.

The more you listen to your heart, the more you understand the language of god.

This love alone will make you so happy and this happiness alne will make you the best version of yourself. The reward and punishment method of trying to fix people’s behaviour through fear and pain is only making things worse. Once you have seen the light, there is never a going back.

Please don’t doubt this connectin with god, if you feel it. Don’t doubt that god loves you so much. Don’t try to fox yourself, where you are not broken.

Love is the final calling for everyone and no one can resist it. It is only a matter of time.

When we say something, we have to let it go and hand it over to the divine

There is this phenomenon that writers of books are very well aware of. When they publish their book, the story isn’t theirs alone anymore. No matter how hard they try to express whatever they wanted to express, the interpretation of the readers, their perceptions, their thoughts and feelings will co-create the book.

When we look at the nature of language, the nature of our mind and the nature of reality, this is no surprise. The story is now part of the collective mind, it belongs to the “all that is” and if we put our ego aside, it actually also orignated from there.

Where was the thought, the intention, the idea for the book coming from in the first place?

Whenever we express something, create something, wether they are simple words or higher wisdom, we merely are the messenger, the vessel. Neighter do our thoughts belong to us, nor do we have any rights on them. That doesn’t make us less, it actually makes us more.

As an individual we have an individual intention. This is completely fine and actually just as much serving the whole. But when we try to force something, we will experience resistance. The resistance is no punishment or indicator that we are wrong, it simply is shwoing us that are not moving with the divine flow.

If we can give up the desire to control how what we are saying will be perceived, we lay our trust into the divine. We trust that everything will be received as it should be, in the best possible way.

Again, if we see ourselves within the whole, not as the separate ego self, we see the reception and production of words is not separate eighter. One could also say it like this: between our souls or higher selfs, there is a constant communication going on and we simply translate it into our reality here. It might appear as if a thought was coming from us, but in reality it was just an expression of something going on on higher levels.

Nobody here creates on their own. We co-create. We do so, because of our desire to experience community with other versions of ourselves.

There is nothing to worry. We can trust that simply by doing what we feel to be right, everything will work out in the way we intended or better. But if we are too tense and don’t let go, our speech is blocked our throat chakra is blocked, our voice becomes weak or we find it difficult to speak at all.

When we allow others into our space, we will see, that they are no threat. Of course there are always some negative people, who will work against us or try to harm us but even they will become less and/or loose their interest after we learn to let go.

The Desire for Admiration – How it subconsciously affects your Decisions and keeps you from your true Desires

Admiration is one of the main goals for most people, wether they are aware of it or not, most of their activities and decisions are based on how other people will react and how much admiration or approal one will get.

Admiration and approval are almost like currencies and the more you get, the safer you feel. People hold this core belief – it is almost more of an instinct – that pleasing other people will guarantee them physical, emotional and mental safety and so happiness and wealth. From early childhood on, we learn that submission and pleasing others will be rewarded, so it is no surprise that we continue with this behaviour as adults.

When it comes to manifesting a happy, positive life, at one point we will be confronted with our desire for admiration vs. our true core desires.

What does this mean?

You can, for example, be determined to take a certain career path or study certain things, because you feel that by doing so, you will be seen in a certain way. You become an academic, because you think that people will see you as intelligent or you become an engineer, because you think that it might get you a high social status and income. Sometimes you want to rebel , sometimes you want to confirm to social norms, eighter way, your aim, even though you might make yourself believe otherwise, is not what you truly want or what is truly coming from within.

Our desire to be seen and confirmed or to make people see us in a certain desired way, can be so strong, that we spend our life doing things, which not only go against our nature, but also against our true desires. The majority of people are a victim of mind control, so much, that they cannot even know wether their decisions are truly their own, or wether they are coming from subconscious programming. Doing something might make you feel important or special, but you don’t even know wether that which you are standing for, is truly what you are standing for, wether it matches your true desires or wether you are just seeking attention.

How many times have you gotten yourself a haircut, because it was fashionable, but you didn’t even like it?

How often do you speak in a certain way, because it is suppossed to sound modern, cool or intellectual, even though you thought it sounded just stupid?

How often are you actually doing things to fit in? Or to rebel? Because rebelling is often as well too much concerned with what other people think about you and not so much with truly wanting to make a difference.

If you want to know wether you want something truly or wether you just want to be seen, you should answer yourself these or similar questions to get more clarity:

Would that which I want also bring me happiness, if no one else cared about it?

Would I still continue doing what I am doing, even if I got neighter any profit, nor admiration?

Would that which I stand for still be what I stand for, even if I would stand alone? Would I still defend my point of view, even if nobody else gave me any form of approval?

If I was the only person on the planet or the king of the world and I had neighter to gain, nor to loose anything, what would I desire? Would my desires change?

If everybody thought I was smart, intelligent, beautiful and great, would I still do what I am doing and would I still desire what I am desiring? What would I desire or do, if people gave me their approval and admiration eighter way? How would I feel having their admiration compared to now and why would I feel different?

If you look at your desires from this perspective, you might realize that many of the things that you now believe you want are not even what you truly want, but just a means for getting approval and admiration of other people, very often even those people who hurt you.

It is possible to overcome this desire for admiration by giving yourself admiration and acknowledging your own achievements, even if nobody else seems to care. Don’t give other people this much power over you and remember that what you are seeking is not their approval, it is your own!

Once you do the things that you truly enjoy, you will actually forget about other people’s approval, because you enjoy your time so much, that you simply stop caring. Success comes from joy and not from forcing yourself to be something you don’t even want to be. After becoming successful other people might very well suddenly start admiring you, but even then, you won’t care much about it anymore.

Whenever you feel like you need or want something, it is worth checking the origin of this desire. Only a desire from your heart encourages you enough to overcome all obstacles and work hard without even feeling like there is any effort. This is bringing you into the flow of this cosmos. Other desires cause doubts and bad feelings within you and they are most likely not coming from your true self but rather from a mindset of lack.

Difference between Spirituality and Psychology

Especially in modern teachings psychology and spirituality is often mixed together, just like science and spirituality is mixed. In some ways this is positive, for example it upgrades psychology and science, but at the same time we should never mistake one for another, because this would miss the purpose of spirituality.

The problem with many modern teachings is, that people often don’t know the real foundation of their teachings and therefore only have a shallow understanding of what this all is about. They often end up stuck somewhere in the mind, repeating the same patterns over and over again, because they try to solve the problems with the same mind that created it.

Psychology, especially connected to spiritual teachings isn’t all wrong though. It can be helpful for trauma healing or shadow work and in our modern times it can be a bridge towards spirituality in a more pure sense, especially for people who have a hard time believing in anything beyond their five sense perception.

So let’s compare the two of them and see where there are differences and similarities and when each one is the better choice.


Spirituality as well as psychology have both the goal of producing happiness and peace of mind, but their approach is very different.

Psychology will work with your mind, your thoughts, your patterns and it will try to deprogram harmful structures and implement new, better programs. This kind of work is especially satisfying for the mind, because it keeps it occupied. The person has the impression that someone is constantly there for them and is taking part in their problems. They feel like someone actually cares about all their little problems by giving them constant attention. This is very good for trauma healing, depression or in general people who have a hard time surrendering towards a spiritual path, but the path can be very long and painful and one has to put much effort into it.

Spirituality will tell you to ignore your mind. Instead of trying to solve the problems with your thought or emotions, it will tell you that there is no problem, except the one you created in your mind. It will not give you solutions in the way that you expect it. The mind doesn’t like it at first, because it doesn’t make sense, but later on it will see the benefits. Even though there is no constant attention on a person’s problems, the person feels a deep connection to the cosmos and feels loved and cared about. It is as if someone would give you the real solution, instead of just naming the problem over and over again. There is no specific timeline on how long change takes. It can eighter happen in an instant or take several years, it really depends on how much a person will let it happen. This is very good for open minded people who can easily trust and surrender but difficult for those who are stuck in a materialistic mindset.


Changing your life is never easy, but how practical are the different paths?

Psychology seems as a more practical choice in our modern times, because it doesn’t ask you to see the world in a completely different way. When we mix modern psychology with spiritual teachings, we often end up making compromises which work well with the lifestyle of a person. People don’t have to take major risks or invest too much into something that they don’t understand but they can make positive changes in their daily habits and gain a more positive perspective towards life. Only on second glance can we see, that this kind of work can actually be very time consuming and take a lot of a person’s enegry as well. Not all people will approve of a person’s changes and in order to really achieve something one must leave the comfort zone as well.

Spirituality demands a lot of you at first. It asks you to change your whole perspective on life and it asks you to do things which contradict your logical mind. It takes a lot of courage to jump full in and people usually don’t do it unless they have a strong desire to do so. Having real spiritual experiences is the key, because they encourage you to continue. But a person might very well develop the desire to withdraw from society or do things completely different than before. This might cause dissaproval from other people and they even might think that you are crazy. But what seems so impractical at first is not so at second glance. It is just very straight forward and clarity and peace of mind can settle in very fast, because one simply stops worrying so much.


Long term happiness is only possible when one reaches a certain state of consciousness. It is neccessary to see behind the lies and deceptions of this world and to understand ones true self.

Psychology is rather limited when it comes to reaching higher states of consciousness. It can however teach you to become more aware of contradictions within yourself which stand in your way of achieving your goals. But one should be very careful, because truth is beyond the mind and if you think you can solve it this way, you will continue solving for eternity. Even though many people can’t see it, it isn’t necessary at all to dig deeper and deeper and search for problems, it is however necessary to become more aware of solutions and how they work.

Spirituality can make you see the world in a completely different way within a second, if you are open minded, but if you are still in fear based patterns, you can also create your own hell with it. In order to make spirituality a safe way to expand your consciousness you need to keep things very simple and always have compassion with yourself and others. Rigid beliefs are not spirituality, they are just rigid beliefs, and they are not getting you anywhere.


When trusting something we dont know yet, there are always risks.

Psychology doesnt appear much harmful to most people, after all they trust science and they trust their own mind. But what if I told you, that this world is full of mind control? Mind control doesn’t happen only in secret CIA programs, it happens on a global scale with the whole population and modern psychology plays a huge part in it. Sometimes spiritual teachings and psychology is mixed up to program people into perceiving reality exactly so that it is fitting the agenda of this global cult. Even the psychologists are not aware of that, they are victims as well, just like many new age gurus.

Spirituality is not free of risks eighter. Just because something is suppossed to be ancient doesn’t mean that is is right, after all this global cult has been operating on our planets for many thousands of years now. Religion is a huge form of mind control and the blind faith of people, especially the blind faith in authorities is creating more problems than it could solve. Actually whatever we do, the risk of mind control is always there, as long as we depend on outside approval. True spirituality should always guide you towards your self and allow you to have your own opinion according to your perception.

Even though spirituality and psychology are often mixed up in modern teachings, one should be aware that they still are two different things. One should also keep in mind, that in the end no teaching is ever the goal, they are only paths to lead you into more awareness.

The simplest way of tuning into your true self is by being in nature, connecting with your imagination and having trust in the cosmos and your Self. Fear is the greatest obstacle and the greatest demon you have to overcome. When you remove the fear, you will be left with bliss and love.

Keep it simple and live from the heart – don’t loose yourself in esoterics

The spiritual path is full of possibilities and there is a great abundance of tools being offered to you. This world is full of magic and it is your right to take part in it. Astrology, psychic readings, oracles, magic, all of this is there to help you manifest your desires and find your purpose in life and you have eery right to use these tools for you. But at the same time, I recommend you to not loose yourself and always be careful before you end up confused and dependant.

It is the ego which tries to control everything and seeks validation everywhere. The ego is only happy when it believes that is has done enough. Yet spirituality is not so much about doing, it is about being. Before you become obsessed rather come into your own alignment and surrender to your personal flow.

It can be tempting to know the future or to get clear advise on what you have to do, but it is often missing it’s purpose rather than fulfilling it. Just imagine that you are being told who your soulmate is before you even know them. Wouldn’t it spoil all the beauty of getting to know them and letting life lead you to one another? What you are doing is actually resisting the natural flow of the universe, you are projecting the limitations of your ego onto the divine.

There is a difference between esoterics and spirituality. Esoterics is all about activity, teachings, whereas spirituality is about simplicity and beingness. Both have their place, but happiness can only be found when we let go and trust.

Great masters, like Jesus always taught simplicity. It isn’t necessary to rely on anything but your own inner guidance and heart. All you need to know is that you are a divine spark of consciousness within an infinite field of awareness and it will guide you to your true desires and matches.

When we are relying on outside validation, we often change ourselves and become inauthentic. Whatever we attract from there, it will feel forced and laborious. All we need to do is focus on ourselves, our own inner peace and state of being and by that we attract all that we need and wish for, without putting any effort into it at all. It is enough to set the intention and surrender into the flow.

More important than becoming absessed with esoteric teachings is it to make better choices for yourself in your every day life. Eat healhily, learn how to detox, meditate, calm and heal your emotions, spend time in nature and live from the heart. Invest your time and energy in something you enjoy doing or something you always wanted to do. Learn new skills or travel. By applying these simple changes you change your frequency and become more of who you are. You then move to the next phase.

Don’t judge other people, their path is their path, but make your path your path and don’t worry about the opinions of others.

Being at ease is a great indicator that you are being in the flow. You are neighter resisting nor trying to control your personal divine guidance. In this state of being many of your questions will become meaningless and you will not have such a strong desire to know everything all at once. You can simply enjoy everything unfolding.

Always remember that your intention is enough and that you can only enjoy your manifestations if you let things happen.

Love, Union, Eternity